Partnership Only Italia – Ontonix

Only Italia announces a partnership agreement with Ontonix, a privately-owned company developing high added-value solutions and services in Quantitative Complexity Management. Based on the agreement, Ontonix will provide the network of companies served by Only Italia with its innovative Resilience Rating™ service. “We are proud to be partner with Ontonix, a good provider of security services to italian companies interested in internationalization.”

“In Asia market, especially in China, there are a multitude of trade and investment opportunities for exporters.” Only Italia deals with all the major sectors in rapid growth, like food and beverages, fashion and luxury, IT and telecommunications, minerals and energy. Only Italia, thanks to a collaboration with Ontonix, finds the best way to help Italian companies to enter in this emerging market, measures it’s complexity and limits risks” said Irene Pivetti.

“Resilience Rating™ is a new means of looking at business risk and its survivability. Unlike conventional tools for assessing, rating and managing risk, Resilience Rating™ has been developed specifically for a globalized and turbulent economy”, said Dr. J. Marczyk, The Founder and President of Ontonix. “The ability to measure the resilience of a business, i.e. its ability to survive shocks and extreme events, is particularly valuable to those corporations that are exposing themselves to the uncertainties of the global marketplace” he added. “We are proud to help Italian PMIs, through our unique rating service, to export their creativity, excellence and innovation to the growing Chinese market” he concluded.

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